We will reduce your federal tax obligation by a

Minimum of 50% 


The team at Taxes VS Liquidity (501c3 pending) has committed all of its resources into developing a tailored tax strategy for your family to ensure you reach all of your financial goals.  Taxes vs Liquidity will teach you how to fund ALL of the important accounts (ie: retirement, education, health coverage, long-term care) while simultaneously REDUCING YOUR FEDERAL TAX OBLIGATION BY A MINIMUM OF 50%! THERE IS NO CHARGE to develop THIS STRATEGY!


Let us develop a strategy for your family that will lower your tax obligation & enrich all of your monetary interests.

Amount We Have Saved Our Clients$128,300
Taxes vs Liquidity saved me a tremendous amount money on my taxes which allowed me to be able to give more to my church, favorite charities and all of the non-protfits I love!
— Jeff Johnson