We will reduce your federal tax obligation by a

Minimum of 50% 

What service do we provide?

We are tax consultants not tax preparers.  

our proprietary tax strategy can be implemented year round not just during tax season.


The team at Taxes VS Liquidity (501c3 pending) has committed all of its resources into developing a tailored tax strategy for your family to ensure you reach all of your financial goals.  Taxes vs Liquidity will teach you how to fund ALL of the important accounts (ie: retirement, education, health coverage, long-term care) while simultaneously REDUCING YOUR FEDERAL TAX OBLIGATION BY A MINIMUM OF 50%! THERE IS NO CHARGE to develop THIS STRATEGY!


Let us develop a strategy for your family that will lower your tax obligation & enrich all of your monetary interests.

Amount We Have Saved Our Clients$128,300
Taxes vs Liquidity saved me a tremendous amount money on my taxes which allowed me to be able to give more to my church, favorite charities and all of the non-protfits I love!
— Jeff Johnson